A global measure of digital and ICT literacy skills

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Computer science education, Cultural differences, Digital literacy, Educational testing, Evaluation criteria, Evaluation methods, Global approach, Information literacy, International programs, Measurement, Measures, Skill analysis, Standards, Student assessment, Tests, International comparison


Background paper prepared for the 2016 Global Education Monitoring Report: Education for People and Planet : Creating Sustainable Futures for All.


Digital and ICT literacy is considered an important competence for full participation in a knowledge economy and an information society. Consequently, interest at national and international level has emerged to explore the best ways of measuring the extent to which, and how equitably, competence in this area is being achieved. This paper reviews the definitions of digital and ICT literacy that have been adopted in cross-national studies, investigates the approaches to the assessment of digital and ICT literacy that have been employed in those studies and articulates the criteria that should guide the development of a global measure of digital and ICT literacy skills. Furthermore, the paper includes an appraisal of prospects for such a development.

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