Educational leadership research into key areas of policies and programs designed to support leaders in improving the quality of learning in their organisations. Inquiry areas include:

  • Leadership succession: recruitment, selection, retention and ongoing support of prospective and established leaders
  • The changing context and expectations of leaders and the impacts on leaders, leaders' learning and organisational learning
  • Creating models of leadership for the 21st Century
  • Leadership practices for improved organisational learning.


Events from 2017


Leadership that transforms schools and school systems, Brian Caldwell


Karmel Oration: Leading schools and school systems in times of change: A paradox and a quest, Toby Greany


Leading empowered evaluations to develop trust and improve learning: Insights from qualitative research, Peter McClenaghan and Kerrie Ikin


Capabilities required for leading improvement: Challenges for researchers and developers, Viviane Robinson

Submissions from 2014


Professional certification for accomplished principals: directions for Australia, Lawrence Ingvarson

Submissions from 2007


OECD improving school leadership activity : Australian country background report, Michelle Anderson, Peter Gronn, Lawrence Ingvarson, Andrew Jackson, Elizabeth Kleinhenz, Phillip McKenzie, Bill Mulford, and Nick Thornton