Poster presentations

Sunday, September 3rd

Developing a learning progression for teachers to support effective thinking and self-regulation

Hannah Campos Remon, Brisbane Grammar School
Adam Kuss, Brisbane Grammar School

More than phonics to teach spelling

Clare Iacono, Department of Education Victoria

Seeing in: Qualitative shifts in children’s critical understanding of their artworks

Janna Adams Tess, The University of New South Wales

Student drawings: An AI-eschewed means to show curriculum-based change

Anne Knowles, The Excellence Centre

Teaching, teaching, wherefore art thou? Exploring the artistry in teaching

Sean Casham, University of Wollongong

The impact of dog-assisted wellbeing interventions on student motivation and engagement in the school setting

Yvonne Howard, University of New South Wales

Transdisciplinary STEM enactment: An exploratory case study in the Queensland context

Kristie Schulz, Parklands Christian College

Wellbeing policies and practices within a primary school context

Lyle Righetti, University of New South Wales